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The Way


Remember when we made that video for Estevez and Sheen to come over to VT to show The Way? Well, our efforts paid off! After students showed their support through social networking, Emilio finally tweeted that he was going to come to Blacksburg! And on September 28, three thousand students packed Burruss Hall for an amazing night!

The Way was filmed in Spain. Sheen stars as Tom, a doctor in America whose son, Daniel (Estevez), decides to walk the Camino de Santiago. But after Daniel dies in a storm in France and Tom goes to collect his ashes, Tom decides to walk the Camino as well. The pilgrimage ends up making a huge impact on Tom as he meets all sorts of interesting characters along the way. It was an inspirational movie, and while fictional, it did give a good look at what the Camino is really like.

At the end of the movie, there was a Q&A session with Sheen and Estevez! And there was lots of love for the movie! Just look at Boyer hugging Emilio and Martin! He loved the movie that much!

The students really raised the roof, and we got 50 points to show for it! More photos from the event are below!

Sheen with Plaid Avenger's World

(All photos were taken by Kevin Cupp.)


Lecture: 9-26-2011

Topics for this lecture included:

  • Saudi Arabia – women are now allowed to vote and run for office, but not drive
  • Natural disaster watch: the Phillipines prepares for Typhoon Nesat
  • Russia changes its constitution to allow two six-year terms for the President. Putin can run again!
  • China nominates Putin for its peace prize
  • The ISI! It’s like the CIA, only it’s in Pakistan and is more powerful!
  • A bunch of international relations are at an all time low: US/Pakistan, Israel/Turkey, Italy/everyone
  • The EU: how it came to be, what is is now, and how its unity is starting to pull apart

City of God

The first non-English movie (this movie was in Portuguese),  City of God takes place and was filmed on location in Rio de Janero, Brazil. The film takes place over the course of twenty years (from the 1960s to the 1980s, though it was made in 2002) and follows Rocket and Li’l Ze, two boys growing up in the “City of God”, hence the title. The area is poor, and crime is commonplace. But while Li’l Ze becomes a drug dealer in the slum, Rocket strives to become a photographer. This movie is based on a true story and does an accurate job of portraying conditions in the City of God, It also depicts the fast-paced development of Brazil which is still occurring to this day. And of course, those who attended got class credit for watching the movie!

Lecture: 9-19-2011

Topics of this lecture included:

  • There’s a revolution going on in Yemen! 50-60 people were killed
  • Natural Disaster Watch: more earthquakes in Japan, earthquake in Nepal
  • Israeli embassies in Turkey and Egypt are under attack by locals
  • More news on Palestinian statehood! Meeting to begin Tuesday. The US is trying to get everyone to vote no.
  • BRAZIL GETTING RICH! BRAZIL GETTING POWERFUL! Brazil’s going to host the 2014 World Cup!
  • Angela Merkel of Germany loses voter support because Germany lends money to Greece and Italy. The taxpayers are not pleased.
  • Berlusconi is a general bastard
  • The BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) were introduced
  • International organizations and supranationalism – what are they? How do they affect sovereignty?

Lecture: 9-12-2011

Topics of this lecture included:

  • Airplane crash in Russia!
  • Scotch exports are up. Why? CHINA RICH!
  • Flooding going on in Southern Pakistan
  • Nuclear power – explosion in France, Japan and Germany are getting rid of it, and nobody has died in America
  • Russia opens up a gas pipe to Germany! What does this mean?
  • David Cameron (finally) visits Russia
  • Recep Erdogan of Turkey is set to tour Egypt
  • Palestine wants to become a state
  • What’s a state? What’s a nation? What’s a nation-state?

Beyond Rangoon

On September 7, the world watchers of GEOG 1014 gathered again for another movie. Released in the United States in 1995, Beyond Rangoon is a fictional movie inspired by real life events which occurred in Burma. When her family is murdered, American Laura Bowman, played by Patricia Arquette, takes a vacation with her sister in an attempt to get her mind off the subject. However, when she loses her passport after a pro-democracy rally (Burma was controlled by the military junta), Laura finds herself witnessing acts of repression as she, along with other Burmese democracy supporters, struggle to escape to Thailand. This movie was filmed in English, but because it portrays the Burmese government in a negative way, filmmakers were unable to film on location.  As a result, Beyond Rangoon was filmed in nearby Malaysia, though the movie is set in Burma. While the government of Burma in recent times has held elections, supporters of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi still push for a more democratic system to this day.

Bringing The Way to VT

On September 6, 2011, we decided to invite Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen to VT for an advance screening of their movie The Way, which was filmed in Spain. The result? A YouTube video filled with thousands of screaming college students, a guy in a pink monkey suit, and of course, plaid! Check it out!

We then promptly began flooding the Facebook and Twitter pages for the movie with messages, asking Emilio to bring The Way to Blacksburg! World Regions really knows how to party!

Student Class Notes Art 1: The P5!

Drawn by Kristen Talley! Awesome picture! For those wondering what the “Permanent Five” is, it refers to the five permanent members of the UN Security Council: the UK, US, Russia, China, and France.