Beyond Rangoon

On September 7, the world watchers of GEOG 1014 gathered again for another movie. Released in the United States in 1995, Beyond Rangoon is a fictional movie inspired by real life events which occurred in Burma. When her family is murdered, American Laura Bowman, played by Patricia Arquette, takes a vacation with her sister in an attempt to get her mind off the subject. However, when she loses her passport after a pro-democracy rally (Burma was controlled by the military junta), Laura finds herself witnessing acts of repression as she, along with other Burmese democracy supporters, struggle to escape to Thailand. This movie was filmed in English, but because it portrays the Burmese government in a negative way, filmmakers were unable to film on location.  As a result, Beyond Rangoon was filmed in nearby Malaysia, though the movie is set in Burma. While the government of Burma in recent times has held elections, supporters of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi still push for a more democratic system to this day.


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