Lecture: 9-19-2011

Topics of this lecture included:

  • There’s a revolution going on in Yemen! 50-60 people were killed
  • Natural Disaster Watch: more earthquakes in Japan, earthquake in Nepal
  • Israeli embassies in Turkey and Egypt are under attack by locals
  • More news on Palestinian statehood! Meeting to begin Tuesday. The US is trying to get everyone to vote no.
  • BRAZIL GETTING RICH! BRAZIL GETTING POWERFUL! Brazil’s going to host the 2014 World Cup!
  • Angela Merkel of Germany loses voter support because Germany lends money to Greece and Italy. The taxpayers are not pleased.
  • Berlusconi is a general bastard
  • The BRICS states (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) were introduced
  • International organizations and supranationalism – what are they? How do they affect sovereignty?

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