Ip Man

On November 2, we were supposed to watch Life, Above All, but then Boyer got so many requests for a certain movie that he decided to play the requested movie instead. What was that movie? Ip Man, a 2009 Chinese film (in Chinese!) set in Japanese occupied China. This summary is going to be a bit more opinionated than usual, because I loved it that much. Here goes:

The martial arts film stars Donnie Yen as Yip Man, the most badass man on the planet at the time (1930s China). We’ll call Yip Ip Man from now on. Ip Man knows kung fu. When some out-of towners come and beat all the other martial arts masters, Ip Man comes in and pretty much slaughters them with his mad kung fu skills. From then on, it’s pretty much Ip Man being cool, lots of fight scenes (taking down ten men at once!), and general awesomeness.

Seriously, though, it does depict what life was like for the Chinese during the Period of Humiliation, and was based on a true story. From Japanese police brutality to starvation on the streets, life was horrible for the Chinese, to put it nicely. But in short, it was an action-packed film, also packed with some points for those in attendance!

(And for those who liked it as much as I did, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a sequel!)


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