Lecture: 11-14-2011

Topics for this lecture included:

  • Aung San Suu Kyi renews calls for the release of political prisoners in Burma!
  • Putin’s approval ratings are at an all-time low of 61%! But that’s still higher than any world leader at the moment!
  • Obama proposes Trans-Pacific Partnership at APEC in Hawaii and breaks the shirt rule! We then laugh at people in funny shirts!
  • Arab press predicts that regional war is possible over Syria
  • Arab League is doing something now – it suspended Syria!
  • Berlusconi steps down! Huzzah!
  • US military to be stationed in Australia – US is refocusing close to all the action in the Pacific.
  • Japan: the culture, earthquakes, why they’re rich even though they don’t have resources, and 6 major things to know about them: how they were the laggard of Asia, the Meiji Restoration, their time as an empire-builder, and how they are the most “western” eastern state.

We never got to the fifth or sixth points because we ran out of time.


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