Bouncing Cats

(Picture by Chad Tangchittsumran)
For our movie night this week, we had another special event! Red Bull Media came to screen Bouncing Cats! Weird title, right? But the title didn’t matter, because we were filmed for a documentary that Red Bull was making, and everyone got to get all hyper off of drinking the free Red Bull that was given out at the door! AND we got more points! Yay for marketing and free stuff and class credit!

Bouncing Cats documents b-boy Crazy Legs as he travels to Uganda. Abraham “Abramz” Tekya has begun a project in Uganda which seeks to unite the country through breakdancing. Though the situation in the country is not great to say the very least, Abramz is empowering the children of Uganda through an unlikely medium: hip-hop. Crazy Legs was invited to teach b-boy classes for this program, and was enlightened about the situation in Uganda, as well as (as we learned after the movie in a Q&A session) important lessons about his own life and how “simple” and “easy” we really have it. Crazy Legs and Abramz did have a lot to say, and they even gave us a breakdancing demo! Photos from the event are below!


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