Spring Semester Begins

Now that the Fall 2011 semester is complete, it’s time to start this blog for the mayhem and awesomeness that is Spring 2012 World Regions at Virginia Tech! I skipped the first week of lectures since it was mainly an overview course mechanics. So! Here’s what happened in the second week!

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • Death Watch candidate choices, anyone?
  • Megaupload was shut down… ACTA, and how America is the “world police”
  • Watch Nigeria!
  • Russia’s selling Syria fighter jets, and the world freaks out!
  • Turkey calls France racist, holds fire on genocide bill
  • Iran issues threats after EU sanctions. What happens if they close the Strait of Hormuz?
  • Where the heck are we? game
  • What a region is, and how you need borders, area, and something in common trait to have one

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • How it’s decided which drug cartel is most powerful in Mexico
  • More about regions! Which region are we in?
  • The building blocks of the region – the state! What the heck is it? (It isn’t the typical American definition of the word.)
  • Who drew the sovereign state lines in Africa? (Answer: Europeans!)
  • What’s the difference between states, nations, and nation-states?

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