Week 3 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • Protesting Putin in Russia
  • It’s still cold in Europe!
  • China and Russia vetoed the resolution to deal with Syria, and the Syrian government bombed people! Not cool.
  • Turkey and the Gulf States sever all ties with Syria
  • What is the Arab League, anyway? And what’s the Arab Spring?
  • Everyone hates Iran!
  • NATO Article 5
  • The War on Terror, and how NATO and the UN didn’t help
  • How the Afghanistan campaign is a NATO war
  • The Smurfs!

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • Maldives is going to disappear!
  • Eurozone crisis in a minute (or five)
  • More on the P-5!
  • How genocide makes the UN act
  • What is a genocide?
  • Is sovereignty coming undone?
  • Why Russia and China vetoed the UN resolution about Syria

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