Good Bye Lenin!

This 2003 movie centers on the unification of Germany, illustrating how different East and West Germany were from each other in the 1980s and the sweeping changes that resulted in the former GDP following the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1989, Alexander Kerner lives with his mother, a woman who is an avid supporter of the German Democratic Republic. When Alex protests the regime, his mother suffers a heart attack and goes into a coma. During the time, the GDP ceases to exist as East Germany and West Germany become one state. To avoid having his mother’s condition worsen, Alex decides to recreate East Germany in their flat, while trying to shield her from the rapid changes occurring outside. The movie was filmed in Germany and likewise is in German. More movie points for all!

We showed this movie on September 27, 2011 for Fall 2011 and on February 8, 2012 for Spring 2012!


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