Week 6 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • Assassination attempt against Putin foiled
  • Sarkozy’s going to lose!
  • Sarkozy’s France doesn’t like Turkey
  • Is the EU being racist against the Turks?
  • Lots of cultural friction in Europe!
  • Germany to Serbia: EU candidacy still in doubt
  • lol fun…
  • Review: World Political Spectrum. What political systems are in the world today?
  • Cuba’s waiting for Fidel Castro to die

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • No class the week after Spring Break!
  • Kim Jong-un made a deal to halt nuclear activity in exchange for food!
  • North Korea is the most brainwashed society in the world
  • What are the Six-party talks?
  • The differences between North Korea and Iran
  • International organizations: What they are, what must be sacrificed to be part of one, and why you’d want to be in one.
  • Personal note: Boyer mentions Hungary! If I taught the class, he would get extra credit!
  • How Switzerland is not in the EU, and why they don’t want to join, but Serbia does
  • What about Ukraine and the EU?
  • Some history about WWI and WWII!

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