Week 9 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • More about how the Toulouse shootings are affecting the French elections
  • A few years ago, the French banned the burka
  • How Sarkozy doesn’t really like Turkey
  • Nuclear security summit in South Korea…but no one talked about North Korea!
  • Morgan Freeman was James Bond?
  • Obama’s secret conversation with Medvedev and Mitt Romney says Russia is our enemy
  • More about the missile defense shield!
  • The literal reset button for American-Russian relations
  • Missile defense systems – do they work?
  • Kofi Annan’s six -point peace plan
  • Brazil says it’s the big dog of a Latin American trade block
  • MERCOSUR wants to be more than a trade block
  • What’s a cartel?

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • Plaid Avenger Issue 1 for everyone, and a gift for Boyer, too!
  • The Pope went to Latin America, but nothing really came of it.
  • Some Austrian guy cut off his foot because he was going to lose unemployment benefits. Whaaaat?
  • PetroChina RICH!
  • China’s looking at the South China Sea!
  • US bases in Australia
  • China’s fighting with Japan in the East China Sea
  • BRICS meeting! They’re an alternative to Team West.
  • Tibetans in India, and India’s uncool response
  • The Arab League is meeting in Baghdad. They’re trying to make Iraq stay Arab
  • Iran’s influence is spreading!
  • Where’s Erdogan? Talking to Iran
  • More international organizations!
  • NATO – Russia’s back in the game, and won’t let Ukraine and Georgia join

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