Week 1 Lecture

Hello, Fall 2012! Your GEOG 1014 blog is back in action!

World Regions kicked off once again for a new set of students, and after a fun first class, here’s what information was covered in the second lesson:

  • Review of last class (syllabus stuff!)
  • We craft our Death Watch board
  • Hurricane Isaac floods New Orleans…but there are also typhoons slamming the eastern Asian coast!
  • Asaad acknowledges struggle to win Syria civil war – “We are fighting a regional and global war…” and it is!
  • A reputed leader of Gulf Cartel is captured in Mexico (yes, there is a huge war going on in Mexico between drug cartels)
  • Canadian troops need a nap…
  • What in the world is a region? (You need area, boundaries, and some shared characteristic!)
  • There are always exceptions in regions
  • “Where in the hell are we?” with regions and states!
  • The state – the building block of world regions! There are 195 or so of them.
  • Africa is divided into sovereign states, but Europeans drew the boundaries. They aren’t political boundaries, though.
  • America jumped on the state bandwagon early
  • When the USSR collapsed, 15 new states formed!
  • What is a nation, what’s a state, and what’s the difference between them?
  • Stuff’s going on in the South China Sea (Whose Rock is it Anyway?)

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