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Aung San Suu Kyi Skype Interview

Instead of telling you about this event, I’ll show you it! The whole thing! Aite?


World Regions In the News: Aung San Suu Kyi

After making the video inviting Aung San Suu Kyi to Skype with the class, we got an answer: Yes! Unfortunately, the day we were supposed to hold the interview, Hilary Clinton scheduled a visit with the Burmese leader. But fear not: We were able to reschedule the Skype date, and have gotten some publicity as a result of our stunt working out! Check out these links to some awesome stories about our class!

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Bouncing Cats Documentary!

We were filmed at the Bouncing Cats event for a documentary, and Red Bull posted the footage online. Check it out here:

Bouncing Cats Reunion At Virginia Tech

Bouncing Cats

(Picture by Chad Tangchittsumran)
For our movie night this week, we had another special event! Red Bull Media came to screen Bouncing Cats! Weird title, right? But the title didn’t matter, because we were filmed for a documentary that Red Bull was making, and everyone got to get all hyper off of drinking the free Red Bull that was given out at the door! AND we got more points! Yay for marketing and free stuff and class credit!

Bouncing Cats documents b-boy Crazy Legs as he travels to Uganda. Abraham “Abramz” Tekya has begun a project in Uganda which seeks to unite the country through breakdancing. Though the situation in the country is not great to say the very least, Abramz is empowering the children of Uganda through an unlikely medium: hip-hop. Crazy Legs was invited to teach b-boy classes for this program, and was enlightened about the situation in Uganda, as well as (as we learned after the movie in a Q&A session) important lessons about his own life and how “simple” and “easy” we really have it. Crazy Legs and Abramz did have a lot to say, and they even gave us a breakdancing demo! Photos from the event are below!

Invisible Children

A special event took place on November 8. The class gathered in Burruss Hall for another movie night, but with a twist! We watched Tony, a documentary from a group called Invisible Children. Invisible Children’s goal is to, in short, get rid of a guy named Joseph Kony. Kony leads a terrorist group called the Lord’s Resistance Army, or LRA. The LRA frequently abducts children to fight, with the goal of overthrowing the current Ugandan government. This has caused war in Uganda, and Invisible Children is trying to end that war. Tony provided an overview on the story of Invisible Children and its efforts to as it followed Tony, a child who was affected by the war in Uganda, and his experiences in Uganda as well as his journey in America as he continues to advocate for the organization.

The Way


Remember when we made that video for Estevez and Sheen to come over to VT to show The Way? Well, our efforts paid off! After students showed their support through social networking, Emilio finally tweeted that he was going to come to Blacksburg! And on September 28, three thousand students packed Burruss Hall for an amazing night!

The Way was filmed in Spain. Sheen stars as Tom, a doctor in America whose son, Daniel (Estevez), decides to walk the Camino de Santiago. But after Daniel dies in a storm in France and Tom goes to collect his ashes, Tom decides to walk the Camino as well. The pilgrimage ends up making a huge impact on Tom as he meets all sorts of interesting characters along the way. It was an inspirational movie, and while fictional, it did give a good look at what the Camino is really like.


At the end of the movie, there was a Q&A session with Sheen and Estevez! And there was lots of love for the movie! Just look at Boyer hugging Emilio and Martin! He loved the movie that much!

The students really raised the roof, and we got 50 points to show for it! More photos from the event are below!

Sheen with Plaid Avenger's World

(All photos were taken by Kevin Cupp.)