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Week 3 Lecture

Week 3! There were Red Bulls under all the seats!

Topics discussed in this lecture included:

  • Nations, states, and nation-states, Part 2!
  • What is sovereignty, and how do you get it?
  • China rich!
  • The UN – how does it work?
  • The P-5! (plus one!)
  • Taiwan held China’s UN seat at one point in time
  • Why Palestine isn’t a country
  • A Tale of Two Bushes – Iraq
  • Why so much UN stuff happens in Africa
  • If the P-5 were restructured, who might enter?
  • Djbouti!
  • Genocide is not cool – the UN has to act if genocide occurs. But what is the definition of genocide?
  • Is sovereignty coming undone?

Week 13 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • We’re getting close to the end of the school year!
  • How to cheat in all your other classes
  • Sudan and South Sudan are doing air strikes on each other
  • How no one takes North Korea seriously
  • Putin will be stepping down as the head of his party, and Meddie (Medvedev) may step up!
  • Sarkozy lost the first round of elections, and that’s not good for this blogger since I run Plaid Sarkozy’s Twitter account!
  • The Spratly Islands conflict is getting worse
  • Speaking of China… more on history, how it was almost taken over completely by Japan, why they became run by the Communist party, and how Taiwan represented China for a while
  • Shoutout to Hootie the Owl!

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • Dancing on the stage before class!
  • Boyer got a “man card!”And a durian!
  • Two bizarre British stories going on in China
  • Mass synchronized pom-poms at the mass games in North Korea
  • CHINA RICH! And speaking of which, we also talked about the rest of China’s history, how they place stability first, how they think long-term, and how they’re in the game to win it again!
  • How Taiwan is armed so much
  • Who is Hu, and when do you say Wen?

Week 9 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • More about how the Toulouse shootings are affecting the French elections
  • A few years ago, the French banned the burka
  • How Sarkozy doesn’t really like Turkey
  • Nuclear security summit in South Korea…but no one talked about North Korea!
  • Morgan Freeman was James Bond?
  • Obama’s secret conversation with Medvedev and Mitt Romney says Russia is our enemy
  • More about the missile defense shield!
  • The literal reset button for American-Russian relations
  • Missile defense systems – do they work?
  • Kofi Annan’s six -point peace plan
  • Brazil says it’s the big dog of a Latin American trade block
  • MERCOSUR wants to be more than a trade block
  • What’s a cartel?

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • Plaid Avenger Issue 1 for everyone, and a gift for Boyer, too!
  • The Pope went to Latin America, but nothing really came of it.
  • Some Austrian guy cut off his foot because he was going to lose unemployment benefits. Whaaaat?
  • PetroChina RICH!
  • China’s looking at the South China Sea!
  • US bases in Australia
  • China’s fighting with Japan in the East China Sea
  • BRICS meeting! They’re an alternative to Team West.
  • Tibetans in India, and India’s uncool response
  • The Arab League is meeting in Baghdad. They’re trying to make Iraq stay Arab
  • Iran’s influence is spreading!
  • Where’s Erdogan? Talking to Iran
  • More international organizations!
  • NATO – Russia’s back in the game, and won’t let Ukraine and Georgia join

Week 6 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • Assassination attempt against Putin foiled
  • Sarkozy’s going to lose!
  • Sarkozy’s France doesn’t like Turkey
  • Is the EU being racist against the Turks?
  • Lots of cultural friction in Europe!
  • Germany to Serbia: EU candidacy still in doubt
  • lol fun…
  • Review: World Political Spectrum. What political systems are in the world today?
  • Cuba’s waiting for Fidel Castro to die

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • No class the week after Spring Break!
  • Kim Jong-un made a deal to halt nuclear activity in exchange for food!
  • North Korea is the most brainwashed society in the world
  • What are the Six-party talks?
  • The differences between North Korea and Iran
  • International organizations: What they are, what must be sacrificed to be part of one, and why you’d want to be in one.
  • Personal note: Boyer mentions Hungary! If I taught the class, he would get extra credit!
  • How Switzerland is not in the EU, and why they don’t want to join, but Serbia does
  • What about Ukraine and the EU?
  • Some history about WWI and WWII!

Week 5 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • Get extra credit for dressing up as a world leader for the first world leaders exam!
  • The president of Yemen is finally stepping down!
  • The Brazilian police went on strike
  • When Europe stops buying Iranian oil, it boosts the economies of other countries – like Russia! They’re becoming more reliant on Russia for energy.
  • More world leaders!

Week 3 Lectures

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • Protesting Putin in Russia
  • It’s still cold in Europe!
  • China and Russia vetoed the resolution to deal with Syria, and the Syrian government bombed people! Not cool.
  • Turkey and the Gulf States sever all ties with Syria
  • What is the Arab League, anyway? And what’s the Arab Spring?
  • Everyone hates Iran!
  • NATO Article 5
  • The War on Terror, and how NATO and the UN didn’t help
  • How the Afghanistan campaign is a NATO war
  • The Smurfs!

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • Maldives is going to disappear!
  • Eurozone crisis in a minute (or five)
  • More on the P-5!
  • How genocide makes the UN act
  • What is a genocide?
  • Is sovereignty coming undone?
  • Why Russia and China vetoed the UN resolution about Syria

Week 2 Lectures!

Tuesday – Topics discussed included:

  • Someone brought in a didgeridoo and did the robot at the same time! AWESOME!
  • Central America is a violent region
  • India has an aircraft carrier! China (RICH) does too!
  • What’s going on in Syria? (And why Russia says “nothing’s going to happen there.”)
  • Weibo (Chinese version of Twitter) is scaring the Chinese government
  • States, nations, and nation-states, part two: What are they?
  • Iran could blow their own ships up and block the Strait of Hormuz
  • Fabricated islands that look like Mickey Mouse

Thursday – Topics discussed included:

  • People outside of North America love soccer!
  • It’s cold in Europe!
  • What is sovereignty, and how do you get it?
  • The UN, its history, and its role today
  • THE P-5! Veto power!
  • How to start World War III
  • How the UN got involved in the Korean War

The Plaid Avenger with Friends

The Plaid Avenger occasionally shows up in Boyer’s class to chill! Here are some pictures of the international super spy with some of his friends over the course of the semester! If you have any pictures of yourself or friends with him that you’d like to share, please send them to!


Lecture: 12-5-2011

Our final lecture of the semester – a very sad but fun day! We had our interview with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and at the end of the lecture, there was a group of dancers who performed for us! It was a great lecture and good end to the semester (though we did have one more movie night two days later).

Topics discussed included:

  • Traffic in India is crazy!
  • Antarctica and America’s futures
  • How India got rich
  • Why America is still awesome, even though some people think it isn’t
  • Refocusing of the world to Asia
  • The Asian tigers – Who are they? (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan)
  • How amazing this semester has been!


Hello, and welcome to the blog for World Regions! Here, you’ll find information about what’s going on in GEOG 1014 at Virginia Tech (Home of the Fighting Hokies!), including the basics on lectures, movies, and all the other crazy events that go on in this awesome class!

Before we start with posts, though, I could use a little help. If you happen to have any pictures of any event that has taken place as part of the class for the Spring 2012 semester that you’d like to share (or anything about the class that you’d like to see up here), please send them to What will you get in return? Bragging rights! And I’ll credit you for photos, too, if you send me your name along with the picture.

With that, let us begin! Party on!